Tiruvengadu Jayaraman

Musical Lineage

TiruvengaduJayaramanTiruvengadu Jayaraman, vocalist, was a disciple of Madurai Mani Iyer. He learnt his initial lessons from Melattur Swaminatha Dikshitar. Vocalist T.V.Sankaranarayanan is Tiruvengadu Jayaraman’s brother T.S. Vembu Iyer’s son.


Tiruvengadu, as he was known, was born in 1933 to a family of vedic scholars. He passed away in early 2007 around the age of 73.


We at Tyagaraja Aradhana Trust remember him for leading several of the Unchhavrittis and singing as the saint Tyagaraja himself did and for leading the Pancharatna kriti rendering on the Panchami day.

His exposition of Sabhapatikku is well known as is his style of rendering. He was known for his expertise on Viruthams and the compositions of the Siddhargal.

Tiruvengadu also performed in sabhas abroad, notably at the Cleveland Aradhana.

Awards and honours

Tiruvengadu Jayaraman received the Sangeet Natak Akademy award in addition to several titles from various Sabhas.